Every consumer goes to Google to find the solution their problems. You may offer the solutions but are you being found?

agency specialises in creating on-line marketing campaigns to drive more business to your website using the following five principles. 


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Every person has a problem to be solved just about every day. Some are bigger than others, but invariably the first response is to Google a solution.

To be the solution you need to be found online. and to be fund on line you need a powerful website that is to

navigate and captures the data for you to generate sales.

Impact makes your business the solution-provider by attracting clients to your (activated) website to convert

them into leads, sell them your product/service and retain them for future opportunities.

We can update or rebuild your website and then implement a strategy to draw people to your business

via a range of marketing devices - with a strong focus on video content.

(And if you’re having trouble converting leads into sales we have a solution for that too.)

Impact Corporate Communications is a boutique inbound marketing and strategic communications agency

specialising in creating integrated inbound marketing solutions for your business or product.

We provide a complete package including high quality, market leading video production

as well as strategic campaigns designed to grow your business.

We like to sit down for a chat to work out what you need then we tailor a process to suit your requirements.

Why no have a meeting or phone call to discuss how we can market your product and services to people who need your solution.

We can provide a package to suit your goals and budgets at no cost.

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Develop the marketing funnel

Your marketing funnel starts at the initial contact with new customers and draws

them through the sales process to the point of acquisition. 

To get there we need to develop 

Identify the target markets

Who are your customers? How do you identify them and create "personas"

that you can target through your marketing campaigns. 

What are their "problems" that need to be solved?

Using market research, your database and sales team we create detailed customer profiles

for your products or services to maximise sales outcomes.

Create the concepts

Once we decide who we are selling to we need consider how we are going to sell it!

Using a wide range of option we look at your options and budget for marketing

and the best tools to use to draw in those new customers.

Activate the website

The goal of all inbound marketing campaigns is to attract people to your website.

But what do you do when they arrive?

Inbound marketing is all about offering visitors to your website useful downloads

in return for contact details and the problem they are trying to solve.

This allows you to then contact them via phone or email with a better idea

on what products or services they require.

Create the content

Content goes beyond what is on your website and is a core component of attracting people to your website in the first place.

Not only advertising but blogging is also very important to the process.

Quality, regular blogs on key issues facing your target markets engage new

and potential customers who learn you know what you're talking about!

If you invest in getting people to your website you need to make sure your website is engaging when they arrive.

A high bounce rate is depressing for any marketer - it means you are pulling in the wrong customer or your website is dull.

Build the pipeline

A common mistake made by business is focus on the immediate sales opportunities

and put future sales into a separate basket.

Inbound marketing is about building a long term sales pipeline that nurtures

potential customers until they are ready to make an enquiry and the conversion process starts.

By keeping potential clients in the information loop you stay top of mind when the buying process commences.

Bring in the sales

Lead scoring allows you to track the sales via the CRM providing full visibility of your sales team.

By Lead Scoring you can nurture you marketing programs to the point where clients are handed

over to sales and the business is transacted.

Monitor progress

The Hubspot system tracks your email and social media campaigns

and provides up to date information on ROI and performance.

The reporting system allows you to constantly fint tune your campaigns

and link them directly to sales and marketing.